By Brendan Kelly MAc LAc Herbalist

Here are three things we can do to promote personal health
and ecological well-being
1. Realize that “doing” is not always better than “not doing.”
There is a time to work and a time to rest; a time to be busy and a time to slow down. In our era of climate change, it’s essential to move towards a balanced life, which includes a balance of doing and not doing.
2. Recognize that more is not better than less.
In addition to the ecological consequences of overconsumption, having more than we need doesn’t lead to internal balance and well-being. Just as the climate is warming rapidly, we’re often encouraged to want more. And just as the planet’s ability to maintain coolant is decreasing, many of us are losing the contentment that leads to having less.
3. Appreciate that new is not better than old.
We’re often encouraged to believe that simply because something is new it’s better than something that’s old. But again, this is the same imbalance of Yang over Yin that’s leading to climate change.

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