Natural Medicine Ethics

Natural Medicine EthicsA basic understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) is that just as all symptoms are connected, we are connected to the natural and social world around us. Just as what we think and feel affects us physically, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the overall state of the natural world affects us in very basic ways. As we are connected to the world around us, we are equally connected to each other as people.
We actively support local, regional and national organizations working to create a more sustainable, healthy and just world.

And with the recognition that our individual actions do have ripple affects—either towards health and well being or sickness and imbalance– as holistic health practitioners we are committed as a business to being ecologically sustainable and socially aware.

As part of this commitment, we:

  • Use recycled paper for our office supplies, using 100% postconsumer recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Are actively involved with local, state and national environmental, social and natural medicine groups, including Bioneers, and the Vermont Acupuncture Association.
  • Recycle everything we can, including all paper, cardboard, and plastic and re-use packaging supplies to mail herbal prescriptions.
  • Compost all of the food scraps and unused herbs at the clinic.
  • Actively work to limit the waste and emissions we create as a business.
  • Teach, speak, research and write about the connection between individual and environmental well-being, and the wisdom that Classical Chinese Medicine can offer for helping create personal and societal health and healing.
  • Drive a hybrid car to and from work and for office errands.

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